Application outcomes

Schools must provide you with an outcome within 15 school days.

Schools must provide you with an outcome to your application in writing, whether your application was successful or not.

If the school can’t offer you a place, your outcome letter must tell you:

  • why a place cannot be offered
  • that you have the right of appeal and how to appeal

If your chosen school has a space, the school should offer a place.

This is not the case if your child has been referred to the Fair Access Panel (FAP) in line with the Fair Access Protocol

Fair Access Panel/Protocol (FAP)

The Fair Access Protocol helps certain groups of children access school places. This protocol makes sure that all schools take an equal number of children who meet the criteria for referral to the panel. These children can be offered places ahead of children on a school's waiting list.

To find out more about FAP, download the protocols:

Removing your child from their current school when you do not have another school place for them will not give them priority under Fair Access. In this instance, the child will be returned to their previous school.

We will write to confirm if your child has been referred to the panel. We will tell you when the panel meeting is due to take place. We will also give you the opportunity to submit any information you would like the panel to consider.

Help finding a school place

If you have been refused school places and are having trouble finding a place, please contact us at