Accepting or refusing an offer

If you are offered a school place, it is important that you accept your offer.

If you apply for multiple schools, you may receive multiple offers. If this happens, you will need to decide which offer you would like to accept. You will need to accept one offer and refuse any other offers.

If the school offered to you is not your first choice, we suggest you accept the offer. This is because your application for your preferred school may not be successful.

If you were to refuse a school offer, it would be made available for any child who is applying for places at that school.

If you refuse an offer and change your mind, you are no longer guaranteed the place. The place offered to you may have already been offered to another child. You will need to reapply.

If you do not reply to the offer, the school may withdraw the offer after a certain amount of school days.

To accept or refuse a school offer, please complete the in-year acceptance or refusal form and return it to the school that has offered your child a place.