High Halstow Neighbourhood Plan examination

High Halstow Parish Council has prepared a draft neighbourhood plan to manage future development in its parish.

The plan covers the entire parish area of High Halstow. It sets out local community aspirations over the plan period 2020 to 2037 with policies related to land use and development.

High Halstow Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Medway Council for publication for representations at regulation 16. This consultation closed on 30 April 2023.

The plan progressed to independent examination. Christopher Lockhart-Mummery was appointed to carry out the examination on the neighbourhood plan. The draft plan was subsequently withdrawn by the parish council and the examination is closed.

The examiner has provided initial observations in his examination note 1 and invited brief responses from Medway Council and High Halstow Parish Council.

The examiner held an exploratory meeting on 31 August 2023 with representatives of:

  • High Halstow Parish Council
  • Medway Council
  • Redrow Homes Limited
  • Dean Lewis Estates.

The meeting considered potential options for re-drafting the submitted neighbourhood plan to address issues in the basic conditions assessment.

The examiner invited all 4 parties at the meeting to submit a short response on their preferred approach to a timetable for the re-drafting of the neighbourhood plan, and reasons for this preference.

He invited further correspondence on this matter, and indicated a preferred timetable that allowed for a pause to the examination, allowing for key updates. Medway Council, Dean Lewis Estates and Redrow Homes Limited confirmed that they supported this approach. High Halstow Parish Council did not support this alternative.

High Halstow Parish Council withdrew the draft plan from examination on 24 October 2023 and the examination was closed.

View the examination documents relating to the High Halstow Neighbourhood Plan:

See the representations on draft neighbourhood plan made at regulation 16: