You must check if you need planning permission before making changes to your home, business premises or starting a development.

For information on what you need to do please view the guidance from planning portal:

Solar panels in conservation areas

You will not usually need planning permission to install solar panels on the roof of a house or block of flats in a conservation area, even if the roof faces a highway. However, you'll need planning permission when installing solar panels or other equipment on a wall fronting a highway within a conservation area.

All installations must meet the following conditions:

  • the solar panels will, as is practicable, be installed to minimise the effect on the external appearance of the building.
  • the solar panels will, as is practicable, be sited to minimise the effect on the amenity of the area
  • any solar panels no longer needed for micro-generation are removed as soon as possible.

Check if your building is within a conservation area.

Freestanding solar panels are subject to extra restrictions, not covered here.

Solar panels and listed buildings

To install solar panels on a listed building, you'll need listed building consent before you can start. This is in addition to planning permission, if any of the above criteria are not met.

If the solar panels are to be installed on a building 'within the curtilage of a dwelling' which is a listed building, you will need planning permission.

Find out more about conservation areas and listed buildings.

Other restrictions

You'll also need to check that there are no restrictions on development at the property as a result of:

  • any conditions imposed on the original planning permission
  • it being covered by an Article (4) direction
  • the deeds of the property listing restrictions that apply

Any of the above could have removed 'permitted development' rights for certain types of development.

St Mary's Island does not have any permitted development rights. All work including sheds, outbuildings, extensions, solar panels and patios will need planning permission.

Find out more about pre-application advice.

It's important to make sure the roof structure, walls and existing coverings are in sound repair before installation.

Apply for planning permission

If planning permission is needed to install solar panels on a domestic property, you'll need to submit a ‘householder application for planning permission’.