What pre-application advice is

Before applying for planning permission, it’s a good idea to meet or speak to a planning officer, this can help:

  • you understand how planning policies and other requirements may affect your proposal
  • identify at an early stage any need for specialist advice or surveys on trees, landscape, noise, transport, contaminated land, ecology or archaeology
  • identify if proposals are acceptable, saving the cost of plans and application fees.

View an example of written pre-application advice.

Preparing for your pre-application advice

Before meeting a planning officer, be ready to describe your proposal by:

  • discussing the principle of the development
  • discussing issues such as materials, design, the character of the area, parking
  • preparing any supporting documents such as photographs or draft design and access statements.

Your preparation will depend on what you plan to do. It may just be checking the main issues around granting permission and deciding if these are relevant to you.

Cost of pre-application advice

The pre-application advice fees will vary depending on your development.