As a Lead Local Flood Authority, we are responsible for the management of local flood risk.

We’re responsible for:

  • preparing and maintaining a local flood risk management strategy
  • keeping a register of assets and structures that have a significant affect on flooding
  • establishing a Sustainable Drainage Systems Approval Body
  • working out and issuing consents for work affecting ordinary watercourses (not main rivers)
  • looking into all significant flooding incidents
  • building partnerships and effective work with other Risk Management Authorities

Householders are responsible for:

  • finding out if they’re at risk of flooding
  • taking steps to protect themselves or their property from flooding
  • getting planning permission for paving areas that weren’t previously watertight as this increases surface water runoff leading to local drainage issues
  • keeping fat and oils out of drains to avoid major blockages that lead to sewer flooding

Landowners are responsible for:

  • managing land adjoining a main river or ordinary watercourse as they are riparian owners (people that own land that runs into a river)
  • keeping them clear of obstructions that could cause flooding
  • ensuring the banks of watercourses are maintained

Other responsible agencies

Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board is responsible for managing:

  • flood risk and maintaining water levels in Medway
  • all watercourses within their boundary except main rivers

The Environmental Agency is responsible for:

  • flood and coastal erosion risk management activities on main rivers and the coast
  • maintaining and improving the environment for people and wildlife
  • managing flood risk from the sea and main rivers
  • providing flood warnings and advice on preparing for floods, as well as what to do after a flood

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