You can report flooding in your area. Depending on the type of flooding, you need to let different people know.

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If flooding is putting you in immediate danger, you can contact the emergency services on 999.

Surface water

Surface water flooding happens during heavy and long periods of rain when the ground becomes soaked and is not able to deal with the amount of rain water. The water rises to the surface and flooding happens.

You can report surface water flooding by emailing

Highway flooding

Highway flooding is caused by heavy rainfall.

Highway gullies and drains can become blocked and overflow quickly when material, such as mud and stones, gets carried on to the highway or when there is too much water for the drains to carry. 

Report a blocked drain

River, sea and coastal flooding

River flooding happens when rivers are not able to contain the amount of water draining into them from the land around them.

Sea flooding happens when there are high tides, strong winds and stormy conditions.

You can view flood warnings or check your risk of flooding on GOV.UK

Report river, sea and coastal flooding on GOV.UK

Private drain flooding

Private drains are the responsibility of the homeowner or occupier.

Your local water company or drainage contractors can fix the damage for a fee.

Report private drain flooding to Southern Water