Terms and conditions

If you rent a garage from us, you'll need to sign a garage rental agreement, which will include these terms and conditions.


  • the tenancy shall be a weekly tenancy determinable by us or the tenant giving no less than one week’s notice in writing ending on a Monday.


  • we will make repairs we consider reasonable to the structure and exterior of the garage. We will not be liable to carry out work or repairs which become necessary as a result of you or persons visiting your garage not taking proper care of the garage. We will not be liable to rebuild the garage should it be destroyed
  • should we consider that repair is not cost effective we may terminate the tenancy without any obligation to offer an alternative garage
  • we'll keep any communal areas in reasonable condition
  • garages are not watertight, anything stored in the garages could get damaged. We do not accept responsibility for lost or damaged items in the garage. We advise you to insure the contents of the garage. 


  • we reserve the right to amend the rent at any time. When there is a change to the amount of rent due, we will give at least one week’s notice of the new amount due
  • we need all tenants to pay rent by Direct Debit. Monthly Direct Debits will be collected on the 1st of each month. Weekly Direct Debits will be collected every Friday
  • if we change the amount of rent due, you must pay the new amount or give up your tenancy
  • if your rent account goes into arrears and as a result, we repossess the garage and the balance owing is not paid, we'll send the account to bailiffs to recover the debt on our behalf
  • rent arrears are not permitted. If you accrue rent arrears, the garage will be repossessed, and you will be given one week’s notice of this. Your garage may still be repossessed even if you clear your rent arrears after notice of repossession has been given to you. If we have to change the lock to repossess the garage, you'll be charged for this
  • if you're a council housing tenant your garage may be repossessed if you accrue rent arrears on your housing tenancy, even if there are no arrears on your garage tenancy.

Use of the garage

  • the garage is not to be used for any purpose other than parking a motor vehicle and/or storage of non-hazardous items
  • you're responsible for insuring the contents of the garage
  • you must not store petrol or other flammable liquid or substance, other than the fuel in the fuel tank of the vehicle
  • you must not repair or allow any vehicle to be repaired on any part of the garage or communal area unless it is a minor repair on your own vehicle. Spray painting is forbidden
  • you must maintain the garage in a clean and tidy condition
  • you must pay us the cost of repairing any damage that has not occurred as the result of fair wear and tear
  • you must not use or allow the garage to be used for any illegal purpose
  • you must not sublet or part with possession of the garage
  • you must not transfer the tenancy to another person
  • you're not permitted to park on the garage forecourt or obstruct another tenant’s use of the garage site.

Looking after the garage

  • you must not damage or neglect the garage or allow anyone visiting the garage to damage or neglect the garage
  • you must keep the garage in a good state of repair
  • you must notify us of any repairs to the garage which are our responsibility
  • you and anyone visiting with you must not litter or cause any obstruction to communal areas
  • you must leave the garage in a good state of repair and in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your tenancy. If you do not, we will do the necessary repair work and clear the garage, the costs of which will be charged to you
  • you must dispose of any rubbish in a responsible manner
  • it is your responsibility to notify us of any change to your contact details. Any change in your home address must be told to us in writing.

Alterations and improvements to the garage

  • you must not make any alterations or improvements to the garage such as additional locks without first getting our written permission to do so
  • you must not display any trade sign, notice or advertisement on the garage.

Council officers

  • you must not obstruct, abuse, harass, threaten or assault any of our officers, agents or contractors. You must not cause, allow or encourage anyone else to do so
  • you must allow our officers or agents to enter the garage to inspect the state of repair or to carry our repairs, improvements, maintenance or cleaning to the garage (or any adjoining property) after receiving at least 24 hours written notice from us
  • you must allow our officers or agents to enter the garage immediately should it be necessary in the event of an emergency
  • in the event of needing access to the garage, we will not be held responsible for damage to, removal of, or the reinstatement of, additional locks or security measures installed by the tenant.

Ending your tenancy

  • you may end your tenancy by giving us at least one week’s notice in writing. This notice must end on a Monday
  • we may terminate the tenancy by giving you not less than one weeks’ notice in writing, expiring on a Monday
  • when terminating the tenancy, we will serve a Notice to Vacate or any other document on you by sending it by post or by hand to your last known address
  • you must return all sets of keys to us
  • in the event of the keys not being returned after the termination of the tenancy the cost of any future lock change will be recharged to you
  • you must remove all items and rubbish from the garage and dispose of them in a responsible manner
  • if you do not clear the garage completely, we will charge you for clearing the garage and charge you for the garage’s use until it is fully cleared
  • on termination, we will refund the deposit (where paid) and any rents owed once the garage has been inspected, and provided that the garage is left in a satisfactory condition and empty.