In this report we share how we have used your money and the work we have done for our tenants and leaseholders during 2022 and 2023.

We have had another busy year and have continued to adapt the housing services and invest in our homes. We understand that with food and energy prices rising, the cost of living is a concern for everyone.

Our staff have been providing help and advice on reducing energy costs, accessing benefits, and investing in our housing stock to make them warmer and more energy efficient.

Improving our housing and the safety of our residents remains our service priority. We are working with the new social housing regulatory framework, including new tenant satisfaction measures and consumer standards, as well as a government review of the Decent Homes Standard.

We have invested in building and fire safety and have enhanced our fire safety surveys to all our blocks.

We have continued to develop our partnerships with Medway Sport to promote free sporting activities across Medway. This has included:

  • free football sessions
  • activities for our Homes for Independent Living Schemes to reduce barriers to exercise
  • tackling loneliness for Homes for Independent Living Schemes including armchair exercises.

Our Big Door Knock events started in October 2022 and we have recently increased these events to every month following feedback. Other events include:

  • community litter picks
  • anti social behaviour (ASB) events
  • mutual exchange events
  • pop up events
  • free training courses.

Knowing our homes

The HRA housing team owns a total of 3,031 homes across Gillingham, Twydall and Rainham.

Within this we have 8 Homes for Independent Living schemes with a total of 286 bedsits, flats and bungalows.

We also manage 222 leasehold properties.

Last year 28 new homes were completed for households to move into.

We sold a total of 10 homes through the Right to Buy scheme.

Knowing our communities

We continue to work with resident and our communities to develop and improve the services that we deliver to our residents.

Housing staff now complete our Big Door Knock events every month so you can:

  • meet the team
  • we can hear your thought, views and address any issues.

We have spoken to over 862 tenants about how they would like to be involved.

As a result, the scrutiny panel have agreed a new terms of reference for focus groups. We continue to hold regular meetings as part of our resident engagement framework including:

  • the scrutiny panel
  • the Homes for Independent Living Forum
  • contractor monitoring meetings.

 We welcome any council tenant or leaseholder to attend.

Customer service

We responded to:

  • 126 stage one complaints, of which 91.3% were within 10 working days
  • 20 stage 2 complaints, of which 100% were within 10 working days.

Your home

We improved homes by installing:

  • 77 kitchens
  • 84 bathrooms
  • 176 new boilers
  • 783 electrical tests.

We also:

  • adapted 16 properties to meet the needs of disabled residents
  • managed 193 void properties and re-let these within 40 calendar days
  • received 91.4% satisfaction score from repairs service.

Your tenancy

This year, we:

  • carried out 3 evictions (1 for anti-social behaviour and 2 for rent arrears)
  • facilitated 22 mutual exchanges
  • opened 92 new ASB cases.

Building services

We achieved 99.9% compliancy for gas safety.

Completed 783 electrical tests.

Value for money

The average weekly rent for the year was £87.30 for social rent properties and £148.67 for affordable rent properties.

How we spent your rent in 2022 to 2023

During the last year we received a total of £14,821,173,38 in income from rent payments.

The below shows what was spent in each part of the service:

  • capital works programme: 0%
  • capital financing: 51%
  • centralised accounts: 2%
  • client side: 10%
  • community development: 1%
  • estate services: 3%
  • Homes for Independent Living (HFIL): 5%
  • housing maintenance: 18%
  • tenancy services: 10%.

Your feedback

In March we conducted our first annual survey for the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) as set out by the Regulator of Social Housing.

The survey was sent to 2555 tenants with digital contact information and we received a 26% response rate.

Summary of results

  • overall satisfaction: 64%
  • repairs satisfaction: 68%
  • repair timing satisfaction: 66%
  • satisfaction with home maintenance: 62%
  • satisfaction that you feel safe at home: 65%
  • satisfaction that your landlord listens and acts: 46%
  • satisfaction that your landlord keeps you well informed: 55%
  • you think your landlord is fair and respectful: 64%
  • satisfaction with complaint handling: 28%
  • satisfaction with communal areas: 56%
  • satisfaction with your neighbourhood: 45%
  • satisfaction with landlord's handling of ASB: 39%.

How we used your feedback:

We have:

  • developed action plans
  • created more drop in surgeries
  • organised monthly big door knocks
  • a new quarterly newsletters
  • a what matters to you survey.


Phase 4 of the council’s new build was completed in January 2023, delivering 28 units in Twydall.

This takes the number of units the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) has delivered to circa 120 units with 64 being delivered since December 2019.

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