Preventing fires in your home

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility. 

There are some easy ways to prevent fires in your home. Information includes:

Electrical equipment

You should not:

  • overload sockets with plugs
  • use multiple extension cords plugged into each other
  • placing clothes over heaters.

You should also check wires and equipment for signs of wear and damage, such as exposed wires. 

Candles and cigarettes

You should:

  • place candles and tea lights in a suitable holder and away from materials that can burn
  • never leave a candle unattended
  • make sure cigarettes are out before disposing of them
  • use an ashtray that will not tip over or allow the cigarette to roll out of it
  • keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

Kitchen and cooking

You should:

  • take care if you're cooking with oil
  • not leave children in the kitchen alone when cooking food.

Mobility scooters and e-scooters

You should not charge or store any mobility or e-scooter in communal areas. This is because it can:

  • cause a fire risk
  • block emergency fire exit routes causing residents to be unable to evacuate safety. 

Make sure any equipment needed for charging is charged safely and use the right equipment. 

More information on e-scooters.

Checks you should complete

You should:

  • check smoke alarms are working at least once a week
  • ensure everyone knows where the exit routes are
  • keep hallways and communal areas clear from items such as prams and rubbish
  • keep any fire doors closed
  • report any broken fire doors for repair.

For more information read our management of fire risks in communal areas policy or our fire safety information guide.