Independent living accommodation and services

Accommodation includes a choice of:

  • studio flats
  • one-bedroom flats
  • one-bed bungalows.

Accommodation in the scheme:

  • is completely independent
  • has 24 hour emergency cover from the emergency alarm service
  • has added security from a scheme support officer who can arrange services to help residents (this does not include nursing care).

Guest rooms

You can also reserve a guest room through the scheme support officer for a small cost per night.

24 hour lifeline

Our 24 hour lifeline, formally known as Medway Lifeline, is supplied by Kyndi. All Homes for Independent Living benefit from having the lifeline installed. The pullcord can be pulled in cases such as if you're feeling unwell.

A call will then go through to the scheme support officer, if they're on site, or go through to central control if they're off site. 

You'll then be able to speak with the person or officer, and they can establish what is happening. If needed, central control can alert the:

  • scheme support officer
  • out of hours officer
  • emergency services. 

Scheme locations

View our Homes for Indpendent Living Scheme locations.