You can only change a child's first or middle name at Medway Register Office.

If you would like to change a child's surname, you'll need to re-register the birth or change the child's name by deed poll.

Changing a child's first or middle name

Only parents named on the original birth certificate can change a child's name.

You can only change a child's name at Medway Register Office if the original birth registration was made there.

You can change your child’s name anytime up until the child is a year old (12 months).

If the child is over a year old, you'll need to change the child's name by deed poll.

How to change your child's first or middle name

The forms you need to complete will depend on whether your child was baptised. 

If your child was baptised, you'll need to contact the priest or minister at the church where they were baptised and ask them to complete a certificate of name given in baptism form.

If your child was not baptised, you'll need to complete a certificate of name not given in baptism form.

You'll need to visit Medway Register Office and take your original completed form. Photocopies will not be accepted. You do not need to make an appointment

Visiting Medway Register Office

At the register office, you'll give them your form and pay the £44 by card.

The name change will take around 5 working days.

Once complete, the new name will be added to the bottom of the child's record.

Birth certificates

Whilst you're there, you'll be asked if you would like to buy a new birth certificate. They cost £12.50 each.

The certificate can either be collected from Medway Register Office (within 5 working days) or posted to you (within 10 working days).

Any new short birth certificates will only show the new name. Full birth certificates will show both the old and new names.

You can also order birth certificates online.