Find a salt bin

Grit is provided in bins at potentially dangerous places such as steep hills or sharp bends.

You can use the grit to treat ice and snow on small areas of the road or footway.

Grit from the bins is not for use on private drives or paths.

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Request road gritting and report salt bin issues

While we try and grit major roads in Medway, you can also request for roads to be gritted or for salt bins to be refilled, replaced or relocated. You can also request a new salt bin.

Request a new salt bin

You can apply for a new salt bin if there is not already a salt bin provided and the road in question is publicly maintainable highway.

For a salt bin to be considered, the road or location must:

  • have a gradient of more than 2.0 degrees
  • have at least one bend in place
  • be close to and falling towards a heavy, moderately or light trafficked road
  • have moderate traffic during peak times
  • have over 20 houses requiring access in and out of the road
  • have a large population of either disabled or elderly living in the area
  • not be on or near to a primary or secondary salting route.

If a location does not meet the above criteria, a salt bin will not be considered.

Please note that we do not supply salt bins to roads or locations that are not classed as publicly maintainable highway.

Request road gritting or report salt bin issues