A walking bus is a fun, healthy, safe and sustainable way of travelling to school. Powered by good, old-fashioned legwork, the children and volunteers walk in a group along a set route, picking up or dropping off 'passengers' at specific 'bus stops' on their journey to and from school.

A walking bus can be easy to set up.

It must have:

  • a minimum of 2 adults per route (often staff or parents)
  • an adult 'driver' at the front of the bus
  • a 'conductor' at the back of the bus
  • a ratio of one adult to every 6 children.

Younger children and babies transported in pushchairs or buggies may join the walking bus if accompanied by their parent or carer, however they will count towards the adult to child ratio. We also encourage parents and carers to become walking bus volunteers if allowing their children to actively participate.

Everyone on the walking bus is expected to wear a high-visibility tabard, available in several colours. Adults involved are also police-checked and all routes approved by the council following a risk assessment.

Schools in Medway are also finding that they can benefit from the positive effects that the walking bus has in enhancing road safety awareness skills among children, as well as health and environmental benefits.