Season tickets

Medway Youth Pass holders should use an Arriva Connect smartcard. This is in addition to their Medway Youth Pass card to get weekly, 4 weekly and termly discounts.

Arriva Connect smartcard

Once they have an Arriva Connect smartcard, Medway Youth Pass holders can go onto Arriva’s website and buy products.

The card will activate on the bus and will have the weekly ticket on the card. The bus driver scans the card for all travel. There will be more ticket options with Arriva online soon.

Current Medway Youth Pass holders will get a smartcard free of charge. You must ensure this is not given to non-Medway Youth Pass holders.

You should make all purchases for your Arriva Connect smartcard on the Arriva website. You should also visit their website to register your card.

Visit Arriva's website for Medway Youth Pass ticket price details.

If you have any queries about the Arriva Connect smartcard phone them on 0344 800 4411. You should contact them on this number if you have a lost or stolen card.

To replace a lost card Arriva will charge £3.

We'll send new Medway Youth Pass holders an Arriva Connect smartcard after you apply for your Medway Youth Card. If you do not receive it, email with the Medway Youth Pass holder names, card number, and address. We'll then send you one. 

Those not using the Arriva Connect smartcard

Medway Youth Pass holders can still get a daily discount if they choose not to use the Arriva Connect smartcard. They must show their Medway Youth Pass and pay with cash or contactless.

This does not affect those using any other bus service such as ASD, Chalkwell or Nu-Venture.

Nu-Venture offer discounted tickets in conjunction with the MYtrip app.