Season tickets

Medway Youth Pass holders can buy a weekly season ticket on Arriva’s M Ticket app. The ticket costs £14.50.

To get the discount, Medway Youth Pass holders will need a promotional code. This code has changed for 2019. To get the code for 2019 contact us on 01634 333 455 or visit the Travel Information Centre in Chatham Waterfront Bus Station and show the child's Medway Youth Pass.

Once you have the code, go on to the Arriva M Ticket app and follow these steps:

  1. If not already registered on the app, new users need to register their details, including name, email, mobile number and postcode
  2. Select a Medway adult weekly ticket
  3. Then enter the promotional code. This will reduce the cost of the ticket from £22 to £14.50 - a discount of £7.50
  4. The ticket will then be sent to your phone
  5. When boarding the bus please show the ticket on screen and the Medway Youth Pass so the driver can check eligibility.

A debit or credit card is needed to buy tickets.

The ticket can be bought on an M Ticket app (on, say, a child’s phone) or bought via an M Ticket App on another phone (for example a parent's phone) and then pushed to the other phone.

Find out more about the season ticket

Children travelling outside Arriva Medway area

For Medway children travelling from Medway to a school outside Medway, such as Gravesend or Maidstone, a South East area ticket will be needed.

Select Kent & Surrey > South East zone and select Child. Select a child weekly ticket. The promotional code will reduce the cost for the South East child weekly ticket from £23 to £20.20.

Compared to a South East adult weekly ticket of £30.80 this is a saving of 36%.

For more information on the M Ticket application process visit Arriva or call 0344 800 4411.

Daily half adult price discounts on morning bus journeys will continue to be available.