MY School Bus services

Places on the MY school bus services must be booked with Medway Council and there is a waiting list for some services.

Find out how to book on the MY School Bus service, including deadline dates

Travelling with your bus pass

From 21 January, all MY bus pass holders will need to show their pass at all times on their ASD bus service. 

Some students have been giving names of other bus pass holders and travelling in their place.

The MY Bus service is only available for students who pre-book each term. We need to know who is travelling on the bus for safety reasons and to ensure the bus is not over capacity. Drivers are switched between the routes on a daily basis so will need to see the MY Bus photo pass to ensure the right students are travelling. 

Drivers will no longer take a lenient view if a student doesn't have their bus pass on them and you will not be allowed to travel on the bus without it. 

ASD will be telling students about this change during the bus service with announcements and notices.

Lost or damaged passes

If a bus pass is lost or damaged at school during the day, ASD will get the child home by checking the list of registered bus pass holders.

You will then need to contact the My Bus Pass team for a replacement and pay the £10 fee. 

The MY Bus Pass team can also advise ASD that a child's bus pass is being replaced to ensure they can continue to travel on the bus. 

If a bus pass is lost or damaged please email or phone 01634 333 455. 

MY School Bus services timetable

Service number 




Lordswood - Holcombe Grammar School - Greenacre - Walderslade - Victory Academy

Medway Council/ASD


Gillingham - Twydall - Rainham Mark Grammar School.

Medway Council/ASD


Gillingham - Twydall -  Rainham School for Girls/The Howard School

Medway Council/ASD


Wigmore - Rainham Mark Grammar School

Medway Council/ASD


Parkwood - Rainham Mark Grammar School

Medway Council/ASD


Wigmore - Chatham Grammar School for Girls

Medway Council/ASD


Hempstead - Hempstead Valley - Wigmore - Rainham Mark Grammar School - Twydall - Chatham Grammar School for Girls

Medway Council/ASD


Isle of Grain to Strood Academy

Medway Council/ASD


Isle of Grain to Holcombe Grammar School

Medway Council/ASD