Travel plans

We promote company travel plans both to reduce the number of trips made by private cars in connection with business and to reduce the overall need to travel.

The adoption of a company travel plan is a key element in the strategy and we intend to establish a forum of major employers in Medway to share initiatives around travelling to work. The reduction in traffic congestion and the improvement of air quality that should result from travel plans are essential elements of our core values.

Travel plans form an important part of Medway's Local Transport Plan (LTP). The third LTP, which runs from 2011 includes the development of a new travel strategy with a greater focus on cycling initiatives. During the second LTP period (2006-2011) 16 workplace travel plans were adopted, targeting in excess of 15,000 employees.

We lead the way in encouraging staff to travel to work in a sustainable (environmentally-friendly) way. As the largest employer in Medway, with over 7,000 employees, we hope to lead by example in implementing a travel plan that offers a practical way for staff to help the environment through greener travel. It offers our employees a choice of options, including:

  • the Medway Carshare scheme
  • bus ticket discounts
  • interest-free loans
  • mileage allowances for vehicles and bicycles used on official business
  • the chance to buy bicycles at discount prices.