Nearest qualifying schools

Nearest qualifying schools are the schools nearest to your child’s home address which suits their age and meets their needs.

Their needs might include:

  • ability: some children may go to a grammar school if they have sat the Medway Test (11 plus) or had the school work reviewed and are of a grammar level 
  • faith: we will count a faith school as a child’s nearest qualifying school if they are a regularly practising member of a church with the same faith as the school
  • medical needs: children with physical disabilities or special educational needs who need schools with special facilities

A parent’s preference for a single sex, mixed school or a school which teaches certain subjects cannot be taken into account.

Once an application has been assessed, we can tell parents which school is considered as the nearest qualifying school to their home for travel purposes.

If parents express a preference for a school which is not the nearest qualifying school and are offered a place, the pupil does not qualify for free transport even if the school is more than the two or three mile statutory walking distance.