When a young person goes into year 12 and 13, we can no longer offer free travel. If you’re a Medway student under 19 you can apply for a discounted bus or rail pass.

Download our 16 Plus Travel Policy 2024 to 2025.

Transport 16 plus travel application

You can download the transport 16 plus travel application to print and complete.

We also have the transport 16 plus travel application in an accessible version.

Bus pass

You can use your pass on school days for 1 return journey each day between the points shown on the ticket. You can not use it for any other journey.

For current prices email schooltransport@medway.gov.uk

Rail pass

To apply for a rail pass you'll need to tell us:

  • your child’s name
  • your child’s date of birth
  • names of boarding and destination stations
  • dates the pass is needed for.

You can also get an application from Medway's:

  • libraries
  • contact points
  • community hubs.

Once we have your application

When we have your application form, your payment will be processed and a rail warrant issued. You will need to collect this from Gun Wharf by appointment.

Rail passes cannot be used on high speed train services.

Terms and conditions

  • the student named on the ticket is the only person entitled to use it. If it is given to someone else to use you could be prosecuted by the bus or train company
  • misbehaviour on a bus or train could lead to tickets being withdrawn and you will not be entitled to the discounted rate.