All councillors receive a basic allowance to perform their duties which include:

  • preparing for and attending all formal and informal meetings
  • meetings with residents
  • dealing with enquiries from residents

The basic allowance also covers the use of a councillor's home for conducting Medway Council business.

Some councillors receive an additional allowance for any special responsibilities (SRAs) they might have as a member of the council, such as being a Cabinet member or a committee chairman.

See allowances paid to councillors by year


Councillors are allowed to claim travelling expenses for their official duties at the rates set out by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The rate is currently set at 45 pence per mile for the first 8,500 miles and up to 14.4 pence per mile thereafter.

Councillors are also allowed to claim expenses for caring responsibilities, either for a child under 14 or a dependent adult.

Expenses for lunch, stationery, phone calls and other routine expenses are not normally reimbursed because this is covered by the basic allowance.

Find out more about the current allowance and expenses scheme in Chapter 6 of the council's constitution.

The Independent Remuneration Panel

The Independent Remuneration Panel regularly reviews the council's allowances and expenses scheme.

It meets on a regular basis and no one on the panel is a councillor or council employee.

Any recommendations the panel makes is based on evidence, comparison with other local authorities, interviews with councillors and examples of good practice.

IRP report

The Independent Remuneration Panel submitted a report to the council in October 2019 that was considered by the Full Council at its last meeting on 10 October 2019. Read about the Council's decision.