Annual canvass

Annual canvass to update Register of Electors 

We’re required to publish a new register each year. To make sure it's accurate we need to contact each household in Medway. 

To make the process simpler and more cost-effective, you only need to respond to the canvass form or letter you get, if it says that you must respond.

We are sending canvass letters and forms to the majority of households in Medway from 22 July. If you do not receive a form or letter, canvassers will start visiting your property in the next few weeks to confirm the details of those who live at the property.  

The Cabinet Office have stressed that personal visits should take place regardless of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our canvassers all carry photo ID.

We have taken advice to make sure that canvassers and the householders they come into contact with are kept safe. This includes using tablet devices to minimise the need to complete forms on the doorstep.   

Responding to the canvass   

If you need to respond to the form or letter you get, we strongly urge you to use one of the automated response methods provided. It's quick, convenient and secure to respond online, or by using the automated phone or SMS service, rather than sending the paper form back. 

The form or letter shows the unique security codes you must give. 

Respond to the canvass online

If someone in the household has recently moved into the property, or reached the age of 17, give their details using the process above, so we have a record of them. They’ll also need to register to vote.

If you delay responding when you’re asked to, we'll send a reminder and/or a personal canvasser will attempt to make contact with someone in the household to confirm the details of those who live at the property. 

Contact by email

We may have sent you an email recently about the people who live in your household. If you have received an email from, this is a valid email. Please follow the instructions set out in the email.

If you have any queries phone us on 01634 332 030.