Rochester West

8 March 2018

I, the undersigned, being the Returning Officer for the ward hereby give notice that the number of votes given for each candidate in the Rochester West ward by-election was as follows:

  • Sonia Lesley Hyner from the Green Party: 107
  • Alan Geoffrey Kew from The Conservative Party: 1,007
  • Robert McCulloch Martin from UKIP: 104
  •  Alexander John Paterson from the Labour Party: 1,212
  • Martin Jacob Rose from the Liberal Democrats: 119

I declare that Alex Paterson from the Labour Party has been elected as councillor for the ward.

The number of votes rejected and not counted at this election was:

  • For want of Official Mark: 0
  • For voting for more than one candidate: 0
  • For writing or marks by which the voter could be identified: 0
  • For being unmarked or voided for uncertainty: 3
  • Total: 3

Verification statement

As Returning Officer, I declare that having concluded the verification of ballot papers:

  • The total number of verified ballot papers from the polling stations: 1,692
  • The total number of verified postal ballot papers: 860
  • The total number of ballot papers verified: 2,552
  • The electorate as of today: 7,733
  • Turnout: 33%

Neil Davies, Returning Officer, 8 March 2018