Care in your own home

If you need some extra support but want to continue to live in your own home, then you may be able to get care at home.

Depending on your care needs, support could be given from an hour a week to 24-hour care.

Support could include:

  • help with household tasks such as cooking and laundry
  • money management and tenancy advice
  • taking you out for outdoor activities
  • helping with personal care
  • providing nursing care
  • community based support services
  • monitoring and telecare services
  • getting access to support products.

There are also services available to help you live independently including meal delivery services.

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Self-help tools and services

If you need products or services to help you live your life independently, you can use our online diagnostic tools to help you find the right product and services for your needs. 

Find out more about our adult social care assessment tools.