How to pay for your care

You may have to pay towards the cost of your adult social care and support services. You'll be referred for a financial assessment to work out how much you must pay.

Financial assessments

The financial assessment will decide whether you need to pay a contribution. It will depend on the money you have and any property you own.

We use guidance set by the government to work out your contribution.

You must pay up to the full costs of your care and support if you have money or capital assets over £23,250.

To find out more, read our charging and financial assessment policy and administration charges breakdown.

After your financial assessment

If you're not in residential care, you'll be told the most you can pay towards your care and support costs. This is called your maximum contribution.

If you're in residential care, for example a care home, we'll tell you what you'll need to pay towards your placement. This is called your assessed contribution.

Your financial assessment will be reviewed yearly.

Deferred Payment Scheme

You may be able to use the value of a property you own to pay for your care and support costs through the deferred payments scheme. 

To find out more, download our adult social care deferred payments policy.

Paying for your care

If you pay for your social care, you'll get an invoice for your social care costs every 4 weeks for the last 4 weeks of your care.

You can pay for your care safely and easily by setting up a Direct Debit or paying online.

Set up a Direct Debit

To do this call the number on the front of your bill.

Pay online

You can pay quickly and easily online using our sundry debtors payment form.

To pay online you'll need:

  • your account number on your social care bill
  • the amount on your social care bill.

Pay your social care bill online

This is a new service. Your feedback will help to improve it.

Please leave us feedback about the new 'sundry debtors payment' service by clicking 'Leave feedback about this page' at the bottom of this page.

Pay by phone

You can set up a Direct Debit or pay for each bill by calling 01634 333 333 and quoting your invoice number and the amount on your bill.

Pay by internet banking

You can pay using your banks online website. To pay using online banking, you should quote:

  • sort code: 57-17-50
  • account number: 000 00 000
  • your invoice number (on the front of your social care bill).

Pay by post

You can pay by post by cheque. Make sure you write your account reference number on the back of the cheque and make it payable to Medway Council.

Pay at a bank

To pay at your bank you'll need to take your payment slip and payment with you. Any cheques should be made payable to Medway Council.

The bank may charge for this service. You should allow 5 working days for payment to reach our account.