The following points should help you judge whether a vehicle is abandoned:

  • it’s stationary for a significant amount of time
  • it’s significantly damaged, run down or un-roadworthy, for example, has flat tyres, missing wheels or broken windows
  • it’s burned out
  • a number plate is missing.

A notice will be fixed to any vehicle we believe is abandoned.

It can take up to 3 weeks for us to remove an abandoned vehicle.

The time that must elapse before the vehicle is removed depends on its location and condition. You can help us prioritise our work by telling us as much information about it as possible.

Vehicles without an MOT are not the responsibility of the council and will not automatically mean the vehicle has been abandoned. 

Find more information on GOV.UK about vehicles with no MOT.

What we need to know

When you report an abandoned vehicle you’ll need to let us know:

  • your name and phone number
  • the make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • how secure the vehicle is
  • where the vehicle is located.

If you upload a photo, you will not need to tell us the make, model and colour of the vehicle, or give details of how secure it is.

If you would like to receive updates about the progress of your report, you can tell us your email address.

Report an abandoned vehicle online

When to contact us

You should only phone us on 01634 333 333 if:

  • an abandoned vehicle notice is fixed to your car
  • you think your car has been removed.

Report an untaxed vehicle

If you need to report an untaxed vehicle, please report it using the form on the DVLA website.