We have a statutory duty to clear litter from land we're responsible for. If the land is private, we may use legislation to force the landowner to clear away any rubbish and litter.

You can use our online form to:

  • report a damaged or full litter bin
  • report a damaged or full dog litter bin
  • report a spillage from a refuse collection.

Report litter or a problem with litter bins

All council maintained streets are allocated a regular cleansing schedule. For example, high streets are on a continuous daily cleanse.

Residential streets are typically cleansed fortnightly. Majority of litter bins on the public highway are emptied 3 times per week, with others emptied more frequently. 

We'll aim to get any syringes collected and disposed of by the end of the working day if reported by 4pm.

Fines for littering

Any person who is witnessed intentionally dropping, throwing or leaving rubbish, can be issued a fine for £150, or, if prosecuted, face a fine up to £2,500. 

Report littering

Find out how to litter pick safely