You can report light that is causing a nuisance, such as artificial lighting from a premises, under The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

This does not apply to light emitted from:

  • airports
  • harbour premises
  • railway premises
  • tramway premises
  • bus stations
  • public service vehicle operating centres
  • goods vehicle operating centres
  • lighthouses
  • prisons

Report a problem with light

If you're affected by lighting from your neighbours

First of all, approach the person who owns the lighting and outline your concerns, as there may be a straightforward solution through minor adjustments to the lighting system. Often the lighting owner may not be aware that their system is causing a problem. You could ask them politely to try:

  • re-angling or partially shading the light
  • fitting a passive infra-red sensor
  • using a lower power bulb.

It might help if you can show the neighbour the effect of the light from your property.

If negotiation with your neighbour fails to bring an acceptable solution, you can use the formal route. You will need to complete our online form with details of your complaint. An officer will contact you regarding your complaint.