We deal with reports about blocked public drains if they run alongside Medway's roads.

Responsibility for drains and sewers is shared between property owners, Southern Water, Highways England, and Medway Council. 

Medway Council

We're responsible for keeping the drains and gullies alongside Medway's roads clean and free from obstruction, to prevent flooding. These drains or gullies take storm water from the road into the sewer system.

If a public drain is blocked, report it to us so we can investigate the problem.

What we do not deal with

We do not deal with:

What you’ll need

You’ll need the following information to report a problem:

  • your details, including name, address, and phone number
  • the location of the problem, including property number, street name and town
  • a brief description of the problem.

Report a blocked public drain

After you’ve made a report

We may contact you if you do not provide enough information in your report.

Once we have assessed and/or resolved the issue, we may contact you with the outcome.

Property owners (drains on your property)

You're responsible for the repair and maintenance of the drains inside the boundary of your property, up to the point they connect with the public sewer.

We're not responsible for repairing drains on your property, but we do have a statutory duty to make sure that you keep them clear and in good repair.

If you do not repair drains on your property, we can issue a notice asking you to make the repairs within a set timescale. We may charge an administration cost for this.

If you do not comply with the notice, we’ll make the repairs and invoice you for the cost of any works we’ve done. 

Properties connected to a cesspit or sceptic tank have full responsibility for the emptying, maintenance and upkeep of the system.

So blockages do not occur, take care with what items are poured or flushed down a drain.

Report a blocked private drain

Southern Water (public drains and sewers)

The local Water Authority, Southern Water, is responsible for drains located outside the boundary of a property and sewers. 

They maintain the network of foul and surface water public sewers, which collect water and waste from the drains of properties. This includes properties connected to private pumping stations. Public sewers are usually in roads or public open spaces, but some may run through private gardens.

Contact Southern Water on 0330 303 0368.

Highways England

Highways England are responsible for drains on trunk roads and motorways. Contact them on 0300 123 5000.