Past events

Sun Pier to Star Hill symposium event

We hosted a symposium day in November 2022 at St John's Church in Chatham to give residents and local businesses the opportunity to offer feedback to our project team on how we can improve the area.

There were experts on the day including landscape designers, heritage and conservation experts, and local creatives, with a range of workshops running.

The event helped us with developing a design framework for the area, which will ensure sustainable development for the area over the coming years.

The symposium focused on the future of the high street and sets up a forum for conversation and dialogue about the future development of the area between Sun Pier, Chatham and Star Hill, Rochester.

Our programme for improving the Sun Pier to Star Hill conservation area will help bring the history and heritage of the area back to life, making it a vibrant place to visit and boosting the local economy by 2024.

The Cultural Consortium

Find out more about the cultural consortium.

HSHAZ consultation

We consulted on your views of the future of the area between Star Hill and Sun Pier conservation area. 

Find out more about the HSHAZ consultation.

Heritage Open Days

As part of the national Heritage Open Days, some heritage buildings along The Old High Street were open to the public during September 2022. The Old High Street Intra Heritage Open Days Trail included HSHAZ grant aided properties.

There were also walking tours and events. 

For more information on the trail visit Sun Pier House website.


We held a virtual open space meeting to discuss the new HSHAZ on 24 October 2020. The community engagement plan for the HSHAZ consultation work continued with 4 workshops in January and February 2021. 

It was a chance for residents, local businesses and other interested parties to discuss critical issues that informed the HSHAZ project.

View the initial findings from the workshops.