Pavement licences

A pavement licensing scheme under the Business and Planning Act 2020 has been introduced to simplify the street trading system up to 21 September 2020. This is in response to restarting the economy following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is to provide a simplified streamlined process. Social distancing guidelines remain in place.

These new measures will support businesses selling food and drink such as cafes, pubs and restaurants, by introducing a temporary fast-track process.

Businesses will need to get permission, in the form of a 'pavement licence', if they need to place tables and chairs on the public highway outside their premises.

The pavement licence does not apply to private land, that is not on the highway.

How to apply

From 1 January 2019, Medway Council’s Licensing Service became a shared service with Gravesham Borough Council.

All licence for premises in Medway, or Gravesham, are now processed by the shared team, based at Gravesham’s Civic Centre.

Visit Gravesham Borough Council website to find out more and apply for a pavement licence.