To run a premises that stores or sells fireworks of up to 2 tonnes, you must apply for a licence from Medway Council.

If you want to sell fireworks outside of the following times you also need to apply for an extra licence:

  • Bonfire Night (sales from 15 October to 10 November)
  • New Year (sales from 26 December to 31 December)
  • Chinese New Year ( sales on the first day of the Chinese New Year and 3 days after)
  • Diwali (on the day of Diwali and 3 days after)

Apply for licences to store and sell fireworks

If you'd like more information or to apply for a licence to store or sell fireworks phone 01634 333 333.

If you have more than 2 tonnes

To run a premises storing more than 2 tonnes of fireworks or explosives you need a licence from the Health & Safety Executive.

If you want to hold a fireworks display

If you want to hold an event that includes a firework display you will need to apply for a temporary event notice (TEN) licence.