Ready 2 Run beginner's programme

On the new beginner's running programme we'll take you through a range of sessions to improve your fitness from walking to running over 10 weeks.

After the programme, you'll be ready to run 5K and take part in a Parkrun or any of our friendly local run clubs in Medway. 

Audio guides

Audio guides are from running coach Ed who will guide you through each session. You do not need any special equipment other than your phone, headphones and running kit. 

You can run without headphones or listen to your own music if you prefer. Everything is laid out in an easy to follow plan so you can easily time yourself using a stopwatch or your phone. 

We'll add the podcasts when they're available. 


We recommend wearing light, breathable clothing and running shoes if you have them. Most comfortable trainers or gym shoes should be fine for these sessions if not.

These plans are suitable for running outdoors, or indoors on a treadmill.

If you do run outside, try to find a quiet area that is free from traffic and other pedestrians. It should also be well-lit, fairly even and free from obstacles or potholes. A local field could be ideal if the ground is dry and firm, or a quiet road somewhere.

You'll find it easier if you stick to flat routes on your run rather than hilly areas but it's up to you. 

For best results, you'll need to run more than once a week. Two or three runs a week will give you the best chance to gain and maintain your fitness through the 10-week course.

View a Ready 2 Run schedule - you can print this off to record of your progress for week 1 to 4.

About the session

Before each session you should warm up. This will help you prepare for each run and reduce your risk of injury.

In each session there are running sections, followed by some walking to help you recover in time for the next run. Keep your running at an easy, gentle pace. 

When it's time to walk take deep breaths and fast strides (power walking) to help to keep your heart rate up. 

After the session, take some time to cool down and stretch to help you feel better the next day. 

For more advice before getting started email

Watch Ed's simple warm up and cool down stretches

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