Universal Credit and Council Tax Reduction

New Universal Credit claimants

If you have received your first payment details of Universal Credit, the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) will normally send us this information if you told them that you were going to claim Council Tax Reduction.

This usually provides us with enough information to process your entitlement to Council Tax Reduction. If we need further information, we will ask you for it.

If you have not received an award of Universal Credit and would like to apply for Council Tax Reduction, you can complete our claim form.

Apply for a Council Tax Reduction

Those receiving Universal Credit before 1 April 2022

If you received Universal Credit before 1 April 2022 then you will need to apply for Council Tax Reduction.

We can only process your claim when we receive details of your Universal Credit award. This will be when you receive details of your first payment.

If it’s more than a month since you received your first Universal Credit payment and you’ve not heard about your Council Tax Reduction, email us: benefits@medway.gov.uk.