Exceptional Hardship Fund

We've created the Exceptional Hardship Fund to help those who are facing extreme hardship with their Council Tax payments.


To apply for the fund, you must either:

  • be in receipt of Council Tax Reduction
  • have made an application for an Exceptional Hardship payment within one month of not qualifying for Council Tax Reduction.

There is no automatic right to payments from the fund, however all applications will be considered. 

Exceptional Hardship Fund payments are only available from 1 April 2022. They can only provide short-term support.

What you'll need

To apply for the Exceptional Hardship Fund, you'll need to provide proof of:

  • identity
  • income and savings
  • household circumstances.

Apply for the Exceptional Hardship Fund

Uploading evidence 

You'll need to upload evidence when you apply.

Further information

View the Exceptional Hardship Policy.