All fees are non-refundable whether you withdraw your application, your application is refused or that your licence is granted but you no longer wish to trade. The fees are set by government.

Premises licences and club premises certificates

Fees for these licences are based on the rateable value of the premises, and can be found on the Valuation Office website. Please note that the rateable value determines the fee, not the non-domestic rate band, which does not correspond with the licensing band set out below.

Rateable value (£) Licensing band New application fee (£)
Up to 4,300 A 100
4,300 - £33,000 B 190
33,001 - £87,000 C 315
87,000 - 125,000 D 450
125,001 and above E 635

If you do not have a rateable value for your premises, you will pay the band A fee at first. If, at a later stage, a rateable value has been set or altered within the consultation period, you will need to pay any differences. Any alterations to the rateable value will affect your annual maintenance fee.

Premises Licence and Club Premises Certificate holders must pay a new application fee and an annual maintenance fee to the council on the anniversary of the licence or certificate being issued.

In addition, a multiplier will be applied to establishments in town and city centres in bands D and E that are exclusively or primarily in the business of selling alcohol: band D (x 2) and band E (x 3).