Application process

If you're seeking a review, you must give written notice of the application to the Licensing Authority. The government has set a prescribed application for review which must be completed in full by the person applying for a review.

When you complete the form you must also provide:

  • an original application for review to the Licensing Unit
  • a photocopy of the application to the Licence Holder of the premises that are to be reviewed
  • a photocopy of the application on all the responsible authorities

Download the application form for review (pdf 372KB).

We also advise you to keep either proof of postage, recorded delivery certificate or if delivered by hand, a short statement to confirm the time and date when you served the application.

If you fail to serve the application for review to all the people above, the application becomes invalid and will be rejected.


We are responsible for advertising the review application for 28 days and:

  • notices to be displayed on and around the premises that is being reviewed
  • notices to be displayed in the council offices
  • a copy of the public notice to be placed on the our website

Please note under the legislation we do not have to advertise in a local newspaper.

Review register

All applications for review will be placed on the review register.

Please note

The information provided is not legal advice. Legislation and procedures may change over time and the advice given is based on the information available at the current time. It is not necessarily comprehensive and will be subject to revision in the event of further government guidance and regulations. This advice is not intended to be a definitive guide to or substitute for the relevant law.

We are happy to provide information but cannot give advice on individual applications. Please seek legal and professional advice.