If you're selling vehicles on the highway you must get consent from Medway Council.

Consent will be free of charge and issued if:

  • the customer has provided ownership documents in their family name for the vehicle
  • the vehicle does not cause nuisance or loss of amenity where it is being offered for sale
  • there are no parking restrictions in place
  • the vehicle does not form part of a number of multiple sales either by the customer or his or her agent

If you are selling a vehicle on the highway without consent it is liable to be seized by Medway Council. We may then take legal proceedings against the owner for the recovery of its costs with its powers under the Medway Council Act 2004.

No trading may take place on prohibited streets and no vehicle may be offered for sale on these streets. Your application will be declined if you intend to display your vehicle for sale on any of these streets.

How to apply

Download the Application for consent to sell a vehicle on the public highway.

Complete and return the application to:

Frontline Services
Regeneration, Community and Culture
Medway Council
Gun Wharf
Dock Road
Kent ME4 4TR.

You will also need to enclose a photocopy of your vehicle registration document, showing that the vehicle is registered to you.