The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport makes mandatory conditions by regulation which may apply to all premises licences or specified classes of licence.

The mandatory conditions to adult gaming centres are:

  • a prominent notice prohibiting people aged under 18 years old at every entrance
  • a prominent notice stating that no alcohol maybe consumed at any time that facilities for gambling are being provided to be displayed at every entrance
  • a summary of the licence to be displayed in prominent place
  • there must be no entrance from premises with a Gambling Act 2005 licence, a family entertainment centre gaming machine permit, a club gaming permit, a club machine permit or a licensed premises gaming machine permit
  • the layout of the premises is to be maintained in accordance with the plan
  • the premises are not to be used for the sale of tickets in a private or customer lottery or National Lottery
  • automatic teller machines (ATMs) are to be located so that users must cease gambling to use them

Default conditions relevant to adult gaming centres

The Secretary of State is empowered to make default conditions by regulation, which may apply to all premises licences or specified classes of licence.

The one condition is that gaming machines may be used 24 hours a day.

Individual conditions

We may attach individual conditions to application for non-fast track applications, new applications and variation applications. These conditions may apply to all of the premises or to a specified part of them.

We will ensure that the premises licence conditions are:

  • relevant to the need to make the proposed building suitable as a gambling facility
  • directly related to the premises and the type of licence applied for
  • reasonably related to the scale and type of premises
  • reasonable in all other respects


None of the conditions may:

  • require the premises to operate as a club
  • limit stakes, fees, winnings or prizes
  • alter the statutory permissions for gaming machines in licensed premises or override provisions of regulations relating to machines

Christmas Day

All premises licences are subject to a condition that they may not be used to provide gambling facilities on Christmas Day.