Four types of betting are covered by the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act):

  • off course (in the premises of a bookmaker or in a betting shop)
  • on course (at a track)
  • pool (which incorporates racecourse, football and other sports pool operators)
  • bets placed remotely (by telephone or over the internet).

The information provided here about applying for a premises licence relates to betting at premises such as a bookmakers' or a betting shop.

How to apply for a Betting Premises Licence

Betting shops need an operating licence and some members of staff need personal licences. These can be obtained from the Gambling Commission. Please apply for these before submitting your application for a Premises Licence.

You will need to submit the following to the Licensing Unit:

You will then need to send a Notice of Application

The person making the application must give notice of it to each of the responsible authorities.