It is important to establish high standards and this will give you that all important competitive advantage.

Standards for Licensed Premises

  • Be organised - have a licensing folder which includes the original / certified copy of your licence/certificate, your age verification policy, your incident records, your refusal records, your staff training records, your trade waste agreement, a copy of your food registration form etc
  • Make sure your summary is displayed in a prominent location for the customers to be able to read (not for staff eyes only)
  • Display posters that are relevant to your customers and reminders of legal requirements
  • Make sure your work area is not cluttered

Standards in a Bar

  • Hold glasses at the base and don't put your fingers anywhere near the rim.  The top half of the glass is the customer's, the bottom half is yours
  • Clean tables and change wet or tatty beer mats for dry ones.  A clean environment is more inviting for customers and much nicer for staff too.  Wherever possible provide a tray to those carrying lots of drinks to prevent spillage
  • When serving bottled drinks, always face the label towards the customer and make sure bottles are chilled
  • Check glasses for chips, lipstick marks, smudges.  Glasses must always be cold
  • Serve drinks in the appropriate glass according to your bar style and legal requirements.  Branded glasses increase sales - a fact
  • Wipe the bar before you serve each customer.  This removes spillage from the last customer and makes the new customer feel good
  • Always use tongs/scoop with ice.  Ice should be solid and not watery.
  • When customers order, wait for the full order before starting to dispense
  • Always be smart and presentable with an ironed uniform and clean shoes.

Standards in Off Licence

  • When coming to work always clean any litter you see on the way in
  • Keep your work area clean and tidy and never display items / notices that a customer cannot buy or are not relevant to them
  • Ensure that all lights are fully working - in the shop and in fridge units / displays
  • Always be smart and presentable with a clean and ironed uniform plus clean shoes
  • Never chew or eat whilst working front of house
  • Make sure you handle the customers purchases gently and with respect
  • Acknowledge a customer as soon as they enter the shop or come to your counter
  • Always say goodbye to people and say thank you