A better Medway

Quest app - join the ultimate adventure

A Better Medway has partnered with Quest app to deliver exciting trails and expeditions across Medway. This will help you to explore our most treasured beauty spots. 

The Quest app is free, and will take you on an adventure where you will:

  • collect clues
  • solve puzzles
  • reach checkpoints throughout Medway
  • learn new and exciting facts.

Local quest routes to try

We have 3 different trails in Medway including:

  • Capstone Country Park - this walk will take you on a trail with 9 checkpoints and 2 challenges. You will be able to explore the country park set in 114 hectares of countryside
  • Fort Amherst - situated on Dock Road in Chatham, this fun walk will have you explore the trail around the fortress with 10 checkpoints and 2 challenges
  • Charles Dickens country - you will explore the top Dickensian locations in Rochester, learn new things across 14 check points and 2 challenges. 

Start your quest

Simply download the app from Google Play or the App store, and search Quest app.

Start your Medway quest