A better Medway

If you've been contacted by our Text to Quit messaging service, you can find a list of pharmacies below to get your nicotine replacement therapy from.

Find a pharmacy near you:

How to collect your NRT

Your adviser will already have emailed you with the details of where you can pick up your NRT. Not all pharmacies in Medway offer this service so please check the list of pharmacies.

You will also be sent a text with a code. You need to give the pharmacist this code in order to collect your NRT. Please collect your chosen products before your quit day.

Prescription charges will apply unless you are exempt. 

Gum, lozenges and mouth spray come in different flavours. Let the pharmacist know what flavour you would like as you will not be able to change this later on.

Please read the patient information leaflet carefully before you use your products. If you have any questions about the products, check with the pharmacist.

You will receive regular texts from your adviser. Contact them directly if you have any questions. They are there to support you and will be more than happy to help.

If you are unable to reach your stop smoking adviser, then call our Advice Centre on 01634 334 800 or 0800 234 6805.


  • Boots Pharmacy, Pentagon Centre. Please phone before visiting to check availability
  • Delmergate Limited,163 Wayfield Road
  • Asda Pharmacy, 387 Maidstone Road
  • Karsons Pharmacy, 33 Pattens Lane
  • Fenns Chemist, 9-10 Walderslade Centre
  • Island Pharmacy, 63 Aster Drive, St Mary's Island
  • Merlin Pharmacy, St Silverweed Road
  • Palmers Pharmacy, 98 Palmerston Road
  • Delmergate Limited, 23 Street End Road
  • Delmergate Limited, 21 Shirley Avenue
  • Morrisons Pharmacy, Princes Avenue, Walderslade
  • Paydens Limited, 139 New Road
  • Well Pharmacy, 22 Magpie Hall Road.

Gillingham and Rainham

  • Brompton Pharmacy, 3 High Street, Gillingham
  • Boots Pharmacy, 125-127 High Street, Gillingham
  • Boots Pharmacy, 21 Rainham Shopping Centre
  • Boots Pharmacy, 5 Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre. Please phone before visiting to check availability
  • Delmergate Limited, 105 Richmond Road, Gillingham
  • Fenns Chemist, 33-35 Parkwood Green, Rainham
  • Hempstead Pharmacy, 148b Hempstead Road, Gillingham
  • J Spensleys, 1 Twydall Green, Gillingham
  • Medway Pharmacy, 465 Canterbury Street, Gillingham
  • Osborn Pharmacy, 1 Railway Street, Gillingham
  • Osborn Pharmacy, 17 Duncan Road, Gillingham
  • Sturdee Pharmacy, 46 Sturdee Avenue, Gillingham.


  • Merlin Pharmacy, 364 City Way
  • Paydens Limited (Ryders), 130 High Street, Rochester
  • Boots, Thorndike Centre, Longley Road
  • Karsons Pharmacy, 69-71 City Way
  • Lawsat Pharmacy, 4 School Lane, Higham
  • Paydens Limited, 134-136 Delce Road
  • Williams Chemist, 86-88 Frindsbury Road.

Strood and Hoo

  • Boots Pharmacy, 83 High Street, Strood. Available Monday and Tuesday 10am to 2pm
  • Bryant Road Pharmacy, 59-61 Bryant Road, Strood
  • Hobbs Pharmacy, 41-34 Wells Road, Strood. Please phone before visiting to check availability
  • Tesco Pharmacy, Cuxton Road, Strood. Please phone before visiting to check availability
  • Hoo Pharmacy, 5 Main Road, Hoo
  • Lawsat Pharmacy, Miller Way, Wainscott.