A better Medway

A Better Medway Champions are members of the public who have been trained to help their friends, families and the wider community make informed choices about healthy lifestyles.

Training includes:

  • the latest news and developments in health and wellbeing
  • techniques to help manage conversations about health and wellbeing
  • access to information about local health and wellbeing services.

The benefits of becoming a Champion

After completing the training Champions will receive an A Better Medway Champion certificate awarded by Medway Council.

Training programme

All Champions need to complete a core module and 3 masterclasses.

Core module

The module will last 2 and a half days and covers:

  • definitions of health and wellbeing
  • positive and negative influences on health and wellbeing
  • health inequalities and policies for addressing them
  • local support services and resources for telling people about them
  • effective communication techniques and how they can support conversations about health and wellbeing
  • basic principles and techniques of motivational interviewing.

At the end of the module, Champions will be required to take a 45-minute multiple choice assessment.


Champions will need to complete 3 masterclasses, each one lasting 3 and a half hours.

The options for the masterclasses are:

  • obesity and physical activity
  • eating well
  • smoking in Medway
  • sexual health
  • mental health
  • social isolation
  • debt advice
  • drug and alcohol.

More opportunities to learn

Champions can also attend one-off master classes.

Topics include:

  • diabetes prevention
  • visual impairment
  • domestic abuse
  • carers first
  • oral health
  • air pollution
  • alcohol.

What our Champions say

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Jodie Miller:

The training is really beneficial...and it provides you with the tools to have that conversation with a local resident and provide the right support.

Michelle Thomas:

They have given me the tools to let me do my job better.

Sarah Borrett:

I successfully completed this (AMB Champions) and other training and have found that my confidence and knowledge has increased, which has helped me to help others in my volunteering work.

Become a Champion

Find out more and book to become a Champion

You can also sign up or find out more about becoming a Champion by emailing abmchampions@medway.gov.uk or calling 01634 333 146.