A better Medway

In the same way that we look after other aspects of our health, we need to also consider our sexual health to avoid sexual ill health or unplanned pregnancy. There are many free and accessible services to support good sexual health across Medway.

Contraception and sexual health screens are available across Medway and you can even access some services online.

You can take control of your own sexual health by choosing the service that best suits your needs.

Free condoms for young people

Young people aged under 24 can register to receive free condoms by post or by picking them up at one of the collection points.

Sexually transmitted infection testing at home

If you don’t have any physical symptoms but are looking for peace of mind you can get checked for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) without leaving your home.

The testing will be to the same high quality as if you attended a clinic but without the wait.

Order an STI home test


You can get the full range of contraception from one of the sexual health clinics or if you prefer you can go to your GP to ask for the contraceptive pill.

Some GPs can offer the implant or the coil too. Call your surgery to ask which types of contraceptive they offer.

To book an appointment or have an online consultation, you can visit the integrated sexual health service at 4 Clover Street or one of the smaller clinics around Medway.

STIs with symptoms

STIs can give different symptoms, including: 

  • discharge (Gonorrhea/Chlamydia) 
  • marks on the skin (Herpes/Genital Warts/Syphilis) 
  • burning when you urinate (Gonorrhea)

There are a number of other physical signs. If you do have symptoms you should get checked by a clinical expert at the integrated sexual health service at 4 Clover St, Chatham ME4 4DT

Gay and bisexual men

We have teamed up with Metro Charity to offer services for gay and bisexual men.

You can get free condoms, STI home testing and other health advice from Pit-Stop Plus.

SHIFT: Sexual health for people over 45

SHIFT will work with people aged 45 and over to design services that will improve their sexual health and wellbeing. 

The SHIFT project is part of a European Regional Development Fund initiative and will run until September 2022. 

We're working with The Health and Europe Centre, Kent County Council, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, Metro Charity, East Sussex County Council and the University of Chichester in England, STI AIDS Charity, Antwerp University College of Applied Science, Odisee University College and Health Info Solidarity – Information from mainland Europe.

If you have any questions about SHIFT please email steve.chevis@medway.gov.uk.