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Oral health in pregnancy

Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, many of which are often part of your pregnancy journey and are to be expected.

Your mouth will also go through some changes, and it is important to keep your body and mouth healthy during pregnancy.

Visiting the dentist is free under the NHS if you're pregnant and until your baby is 12 months old.  

The Oral Health Foundation website explains 6 things you need to know about your oral health during pregnancy.

They also cover:

  • why pregnant women experience bleeding gums and gum disease and where to go for help
  • how to prevent gum disease and look after your teeth
  • how diet affects your oral health
  • what to do if you need an X-ray or anaesthetic
  • taking painkillers and antibiotics.

For more information about looking after your teeth during pregnancy, visit the NCT’s website.

For support with feeding your baby please visit our Beside You webpages.

For information and support during your pregnancy, visit our pregnancy and breastfeeding hub.

Pregnancy and oral health