What it's like living in Shared Lives

In Shared Lives, you’ll share everyday life with your Shared Life carer and their friends and family.

When you choose who you want to live with, you will get the support and help you need to build and enjoy your independence.

You will share some of life’s best moments with a person that you choose. You’re also safe knowing all carers have been checked and approved.

If you live in Shared Lives you will still be able to see your friends and family. They can visit you or you can visit them as often as you like.

Best things about Shared Lives

People in Shared Lives say the best things about it is that they:

  • enjoy a change of scene in a friendly environment
  • meet new people and make friends
  • find new interests and develop skills
  • gain confidence and independence
  • get support with their physical, social, emotional and cultural needs
  • get to give their family carer a break.