Safety standards and checks

Shared Lives is rated as the highest quality type of social care by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

To achieve this level of quality there are standards that Shared Lives carers need to meet.

CQC has 5 standards, Shared Lives care must be:  

  • effective
  • safe
  • caring
  • responsive to people’s needs
  • well led

We will support you to meet these standards.

We make sure that these standards are met by visiting the homes of potential carers to make sure that:

  • there’s enough space for another person
  • you have a spare room
  • the property is suitable and a safe standard

This is to check if there are any areas of concern that might need to be fixed before someone moves in.

We will also carry out annual Health and Safety checks of Shared Lives carer's homes to make sure that standards are maintained.