Our terms and conditions explain the terms for using our pest control service.

Pest identification

It’s your responsibility to make sure you identify the pest correctly.

If you’re not sure what your pest is, have a look on our guide to pests page or the British Pest Control Association website for information.

We can only treat the pests listed on our website.

You're not entitled to a refund if we arrive and you have wrongly identified the pest or there is not any pests (for example if it turns out you do not have bedbugs).

Preparing for your visit

For some pests (not all), you must prepare for our visit by carrying out certain tasks before we arrive.

This is to make sure it is clean, tidy and safe for us, but also so your treatment is as effective as possible.

Preparation instructions are available on our website and in your confirmation email (if you provided an email address at the time of booking).

If you do not carry out the requested preparations before we arrive, we will not be able to go ahead with the treatment and you will not be refunded.


A person who lives at the property and is over 18 years old must be in whilst the visit takes place.

If you have not followed our preparation instructions, we can refuse to carry out your treatment and you will not be refunded.

If you have followed our preparation instructions, we will investigate the problem and start treatment.

We can only treat the pest problem you have booked us for. If you have more than one type of pest, you will need to make bookings for each of them.

At the end of the visit, we’ll arrange our next visit with you (if necessary).

You must abide by any safety instructions given to you. For example, if we tell you not to touch poisoned bait whilst we’re gone. If rodent poisons are used, you must carry out any recommendations given by us for the works to continue.

We do not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury to any pets, goods or equipment unless it was caused by our negligence.

Cost and payment

The cost of each pest service is displayed on our website.

If you book a pest service for your home, you pay the full amount by credit or debit card at the time of booking.

If you’re a business, you’ll be quoted an amount for the work that needs to be done during your survey. You can then pay the full amount by credit or debit card or be invoiced.

It’s your responsibility to make sure you pay on time. If you do not, we will not continue with treatment and no refund will be given.

Change the date of a visit

You can change the date of your visit online or by phoning us on 01634 283 215.

You must change your booking by 4pm the day before your visit is due to take place. After 4pm you will need to cancel your visit instead and will not be entitled to a refund.

Cancel a visit

You can cancel your visit online or by phoning us on 01634 283 215.

You must cancel your booking by 4pm the day before your visit is due to take place. If you do it later than this or are not in when we arrive, you will not be entitled to a refund.

You can cancel your booking for a single rats or mice visit (£29), but will not receive a refund and will need to book and pay for another single visit on a different date. This is because we’ll need to visit you again to remove the bait boxes we left.

If the visit cannot go ahead

If the visit cannot go ahead it will not be rearranged and no refund will be made. This includes if the visit cannot go ahead because:

  • you or another person who lives at the property (who must be over 18 years old) is not in when we arrive
  • the door is not answered
  • any preparation instructions have not  been followed
  • you do not allow us to carry out the treatment
  • you have not completed the recommendations given to you at our last visit

If you still want the treatment, you’ll need to book another visit and pay again.

If we cannot attend

If we are delayed by an event outside of our control, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know and take all the steps possible to minimise the delay.

We'll speak with you to arrange the next best possible date for us to visit if we’re unable to attend a visit due to:

  • bad weather
  • staff sickness
  • travel problems

If you still have a pest problem after treatment

If the pests return, you will need to book and pay for another treatment.


Your rights to a refund depend on whether there’s anything wrong with our service and when you decide to ask for a refund.

We’ll refund you if:

  • you have paid for a visit and cancel it before 4pm the day before it's due to take place
  • there’s a risk our services may be significantly delayed because of events outside our control
  • we are at fault. If there’s a problem, make sure you tell us by phoning 01634 283 215

How we'll refund you

We'll refund you by the method you used for payment, for example if you paid by a debit card, we will put your money back onto this card.

We’ll make refunds as soon as possible, but refunds must be made within 14 days of your request.

Business contracts

Businesses can pay for a pest prevention contract with us, which must be paid for quarterly by direct debit.

When we carry out a survey of your business, we’ll tell you about our contract options and quote an amount per annum and per quarter.

Entering a contract with us

If you decide you’d like to sign up for a year’s contract, you’ll be presented with a written contract, which will include the price and our terms and conditions.

As soon as you sign this contract, you enter an official agreement with us.

Contracts are binding for a minimum of one year from the start date and shall continue thereafter unless terminated by either party. After the first year the contract can be terminated at any time subject to an invoicing quarter’s notice.

During the period of the contract we’ll carry out the agreed number of visits including treatment and advice.

Ending a contract with us

Your rights to end a contract and ask for a refund depend on whether there’s anything wrong with our service and when you decide to end it.

Your contract will end and a refund given if:

  • the service you have signed up to is not described correctly
  • you change your mind within 14 days and have not yet had any treatments

If we’re not at fault and you don’t have a right to change your mind (14 day cancellation period has ended) you can still end the contract before it’s completed, but you will have to pay us for the work we have already done.

Breaking our contract

We may end a contract if you break it by:

  • not making a payment to us when it’s due
  • missing a scheduled visit
  • you fail to carry out important recommendations identified by us

Renewing a contract with us

Once you’ve completed a year’s contract, it’s up to you if you’d like to renew it and continue using our service or end the contract with us.

Our rights to make changes to a service

We have the right to change the services we offer and the cost of these services at any time.

Any changes to cost will not apply to bookings already made before the changes come into effect.

If you provide false information

If you provide false information at the time of booking or book under false pretences, for example if you book and pay for a home treatment when the property is a business premises, we have the right to leave without doing any work and you won't be entitled to a refund.

How we use your personal information

We’ll protect your personal information and use it in line with our Privacy Policy.