water a tree logo with text saying 'Help Medway trees in dry weather'.

Help support a young tree in Medway

Trees provide multiple benefits in urban areas. They:

  • give shade
  • reduce the local temperature on hot days
  • reduce the likelihood of flooding in periods of heavy rainfall
  • absorb air pollutants and support biodiversity.

We are committed to supporting tree planting in Medway and have an annual programme of tree planting. The Medway Tree Fund also supports the planting of more trees.

Newly planted trees need to be watered regularly to ensure they establish and grow successfully. We water all new trees from April to September for the first 2 to 3 years after planting, but when the weather is hot and dry it can be hard to give every newly planted tree enough water.

Can you help support a young tree in your neighbourhood by giving it some water during warmer weather? We are grateful to any residents who can supplement the council’s watering programme with additional watering as it will really benefit the trees. Although young street trees need the water most, all trees will benefit from some extra water.

Watering guidance

  • It's best to water trees early in the morning or later in the evening. 
  • Where possible, use collected rainwater or recycled water such as bath water.
  • It's easiest to use a watering can or a water bottle. Any amount of water is great but please do not carry more water than you can safely carry.
  • Only water a tree if you can get to it safely and easily.
  • Do not stand in the roadway to water and be aware of other users of the street.
  • Be careful of tree thorns and avoid contact with the soil.
  • Do not touch any litter or needles. You can report discarded needles to us online.

How to water

Each newly planted tree will have either a watering bag or a watering pipe. The watering bags have a small slit near the top through which water can be poured. Trees with a watering pipe can have water poured directly into the pipe.

These tree watering systems help the tree to get the water in the best way but if you find these difficult to use these, slowly pouring the water into the soil around the base of the trunk is also of benefit.

Whether you can water once a week or every day in day weather, every little helps and you will be making a difference.

Unhealthy or damaged trees

Get in touch if a tree is looking unhealthy or if you find any damage, for example a water bag is ripped or the water is not draining after a day or so. 

More about reporting tree problems.

If you choose to regularly water a tree near you, let us know by emailing climatechange@medway.gov.uk or by posting on social media using the hashtag #WaterAMedwayTree.