Report a problem with a tree or hedge

Before you report a problem with a tree or hedge, check who is responsible for its management. We are only responsible for trees on council-owned land.   

Find out more about problems with privately owned trees.

You can report tree problems including:

  • diseased trees
  • damaged trees
  • overhanging trees
  • a tree stump that needs clearing.

Report a tree problem

Council-owned hedges

You can also report issues with hedges on council-owned land including:

  • the condition of a tree
  • an overgrown hedge.

Report a problem with a council hedge

Trees under a Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Trees under TPOs are protected and need further consent before work can be done to them.

If you know that work has been done to a protected tree without permission you can report it to us.

Report unauthorised work on a protected tree